Saturday, September 22, 2012

We can have fun even when I'm sick as a dog!

This all begins with a discussion with my voice teacher Michelle about my tonsils and allergies.  You see, it has been recommended for me to have my tonsils removed due to excessive infection...yadda yadda yadda...hence the discussion of the best treatments for my allergies with my wonderful teacher.  She told me of a mysterious concoction of herbs called D-Hist that can be found only at one pharmacy that she knows of, 30 min. from my house.  In her tale, it was explained to me that this medicine was better than any made by pharmacists, and that it would beat even the strongest prescription of Allegra.  This conversation happened Tuesday.

I was intrigued and knew I needed to try this fantastic medical discovery that is just being explored in the singing world.  On Wednesday I Googled the drug to see what it was all about.  And was left more confused than enlightened.

Come Thursday I found myself with a large amount of mucus.  I always explain that it is like there are spiders weaving webs of mucus over the back of my throat...and no amount of liquids or grunting can shake it.  This type of mucus requires medical intervention.  I took my normal dose of 1 Allegra and 1 extra strength Mucinex and went to work.

The next day I realized I was in a predicament.  Friday was met with much pain in the throat, wheezing, and a fever.  Nick was concerned, but mostly annoyed.  When I am sick, Nick gets no life.  He usually sits by my side bored out of his mind trying to make me comfortable but never ever truly succeeding.  I decided to take action as soon as I rose...and Nick was going to come with me.  We were going on a search for the grail of all sick singers...D-Hist.

With only a few clues our search began.  My voice teacher mentioned to look where they might sell vitamins or in a compounding pharmacy.  I had to be at work by noon, so we began to crawl our way down Broad St.

Pharmacy on Staples Mill - No
Vitamin World - No
GNC - No
Checked the normal CVS and Walgreens - No

We were running out of time and Nick's gas light was on...he was getting grouchy.  "Why do I always have to suffer when you're sick," he says.  I let the comment roll aside and keept my mind focused on the task at hand.  We had only one more option, a pharmacy out near Short last hope.

We arrived with my cheeks rosy and nose running.  The talkative associate wouldn't shut up with the other customers, so we were stuck browsing through the store with no direction.  We looked at the section with other anti-histamines, and it wasn't there.  I began to panic.  Suddenly, the woman shut up and I was able to ask her...Do you have D-Hist?  She answered with a resounding YES.  And then, as if my question had been the awaited key to the stand of D-Hist products, she whirled around and introduced me to my new best friend. 

After $40 and a few Hallelujah's we drove home...mostly in silence.  Nick and I didn't talk much after that either because he was bitter that his morning off from work was spent looking for an herbal supplement for allergies that wasn't even sure to work.

All said and done, I sit here recounting my story with clear sinuses and zero fever the very next day.  Our pitstop romantico might not have been exactly romantic, but it brought purpose and adventure to an otherwise bland morning.

Nick is my Galahad to my Arthur.

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